Active Vacation

In cooperation with our experienced partners (outdoor sports fans) we can organize customized itineraries for your active vacation. Choose cycling, hiking, rock climbing, diving, kayaking,…

Sea kayaking – explore Island Brač from sea perspective

Paddle with us and explore hidden bays, beaches and small picturesque villages. Sea kayaking & some snorkeling is trully the best way to experience the island of Brač. Get away from busy beaches and explore some of the most beautiful areas…


Mountain biking from the peek of Brač

Easy downhill from the highest peak of all Adriatic islands to the sea. 80% downhill scenic route. Enjoy every part of this exciting route challenging even for experienced bikers.


Eager for some climbing?

If you have not tried this activity before, island Brač is the perfect location to experience it for the first time. All you need is a bit of faith in yourself and courage.


Mountain biking – Roman empire tour

Explore cultural heritage of island Brač on the trail of Roman Empire. This educational and interesting tour will take you down some of the most beautiful seaside paths of the island.


Windsurfing lessons

Learning on your vacation is fun when you learn windsurfing. You climb, you fall, you climb again, you try to catch the wind and you fall again. Don’t give up and try again until you succeed – it will pay off!


Visit to Blaca Hermitage – something different then everything else you have seen

This tour will leave you speechless. We always recommend you go with a local guide so you can get a better experience of what this building is really about. It will be an adventure, you will never forget.


Delicious Brač

The island of Brač is most famous for its olive oil and wine. No matter where you buy them on the island – it will be good, it will be delicious and you will want to bring home a lot of it.  

delicious brač
Spend your vacation on the beautiful island of Brač.
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